Which credit card for Turkey travel?

If you are planning a trip to Turkey, you should consider the correct method of payment before you leave. Credit cards and EC cards are accepted everywhere. However, the use can be expensive.

The use of credit cards in Turkey

The use of credit cards in Turkey

If you have booked a vacation in the tourist centers of Turkey, such as Antalya, Alanya or Side, you will generally have no problems accepting credit cards. VISA credit cards are accepted in almost all hotels, restaurants and shops.

Not quite as high, but still positive is the acceptance of the Mastercard in Turkey. If you have international credit cards such as Diners or American Express, you will have to expect significantly less acceptance. If you want to use your credit card intensively, you should carry a VISA card.

Withdrawing money from an ATM is possible with all the credit cards mentioned. You can also use your EC card to withdraw money. Payment with the EC card, however, is only possible in exceptional cases. The reason for this is that Turkey is neither an EU member nor has the USD as a means of payment.

Outside the tourist centers, the acceptance of credit cards depends on the region and the size of the city. If you travel to Ankara or Istanbul, you can use your credit card almost without restrictions in the centers of the major cities. In rural areas and smaller towns, on the other hand, you should take cash with you. Credit cards are often not known or not wanted there because restaurant operators or sellers shy away from the high fees.

When planning your trip, you should pay attention to the security of your money. It is not recommended that you exchange your travel fund as cash at home and carry it with you during your trip or leave it at the hotel. As a tourist, you are very welcome in Turkey and not at risk. Nevertheless, as everywhere, there are criminals who specialize in the robbery of handbags, wallets and cell phones. Carrying large sums of cash is therefore not an option on a vacation in Turkey.

Credit card costs

Credit card costs

Before using your credit card in Turkey, you should find out about the costs. Regardless of whether you pay with a credit card or fetch money, each use costs fees. The exemption from fees that was assured when you took out your card usually only applies within the EU. You should therefore read the terms and conditions for your card carefully before you travel.

In general, withdrawing cash from an ATM is more expensive than paying with a credit card. Payment of the bill in a restaurant or hotel or shopping in a shop with a credit card is subject to a surcharge of 0.75% on the purchase price. There is also a one-time fee per purchase of the equivalent of a little more than one USD per payment process. If you pay the equivalent of 100 USD with your credit card, the total amount is 101.84 USD.

On the other hand, if you withdraw the equivalent of 100 USD at an ATM in Turkey, you pay a one-time amount of around 2.57 USD in addition to the 0.75%. The withdrawal will cost you a total of 103.32 USD and is therefore a bit more expensive. The same applies to paying or withdrawing cash with a Maestro card.

Alternatives to using credit cards in Turkey

Alternatives to using credit cards in Turkey

A good alternative to using the credit card on a holiday in Turkey is to take travelers checks with you. These are also subject to fees, but they are very secure for that. In the event of theft, they will be replaced and can usually not be used by the unlawful owner. Taking cash for the first few days is recommended. Then you should take care of yourself at the ATM and pay all costs in cash. In this way, you save the one-off fees that are incurred for each individual payment.

Official credit comparison.

A civil service loan can be taken up by teachers, academics and even civil servants. The other persons also include civil servants and professional soldiers.

A civil service loan is an installment loan with a very low interest rate.

Basic requirements as good as fulfilled

Basic requirements as good as fulfilled

The basic requirements that banks demand for installment credit can be met by civil servants. When applying for a civil service loan, applicants can demonstrate that they have a secure job.

You can not be dismissed as a civil servant, so the salary situation is very secure. But officials, like other consumers, can have a bad private credit checker. This has a negative effect on the otherwise very good creditworthiness. Officials should also make sure that the private credit checkerscore is not too low.

negative private credit checker – nevertheless good chances

negative private credit checker - nevertheless good chances

in a civil service loan, the private credit checker is examined. Negative private credit checker entries can be garnishments, the cancellation of the Dispos or even the withdrawal of a credit card.

Anyone who is in default of payment, which can happen quickly, can also get a negative entry. The influence of the private credit will noticeably lose importance in a civil service loan. Even if there is an entry, the safer income and the safer job can ensure that the loan is still granted.

Often the official gets the chance to increase the sum of the loan in order to repay the debts. For some banks, the private credit will not take place when an official makes an application.

Credit without purpose

Credit without purpose

Officials do not have to indicate a purpose when they receive a civil service loan. The loan amount is at your own disposal.

The customer does not have to provide proof of what the money was spent on. That also makes it easy to finance a car. Where banks usually want the vehicle registration as collateral, this will not be the case with a civil service loan. It can be used to pay old debts or make purchases.

With the low interest rates, a favorable debt restructuring can be made. As a result, entries in the private credit checker can be deleted.

Special features of the loan

Special features of the loan

The loan for civil servants has special features. Although this loan is a normal installment loan, there are special features. The term of such a loan can often be much longer than an employee.

The same applies to the loan amount that is taken up. Thus, larger and expensive purchases can be made that a “normal earner” often can not afford. The interest rates are also structured differently. Since the official is not terminable, no unemployment is expected. Banks often give very low interest rates.

As civil servants often borrow a lot, the bank still earns the loan, even if interest rates are kept low.

That’s how the credit works


The customer can get a civil service loan as a police officer, judge and civil servant for life. He must pay attention to how high the interest rates are. Some banks allow a fixed rate.

But that is not the case with many credit providers. For a non-binding inquiry, the salary should be stated and the civil servant’s status should be mentioned. Who starts a credit comparison, will find appropriate offers. The APR will be very low for civil servants. Thus, the displayed interest in a comparison can also be that, the officials are obtained. The credit rating is rated high.

Based on the purpose of use, the term and the loan amount, a chronological list is displayed to the customer. Here only the right offer must be selected.

Documents for examination

Documents for examination

The bank will check the creditworthiness of the official. For this purpose, documents must be submitted. Normally the remuneration is expected. The bank statements of the last one to three months must be submitted. The certificate of honor and the certificate of the employer must also be checked.

Old loans often have to be replaced with the new loan. After the replacement, a certificate is expected. After the test, a credit decision will follow in a few days. Sometimes it works even faster.

Civil servant loan – difference to civil service loan

Civil servant loan - difference to civil service loan

In the official loan, it is the loan amounts that have to be paid without taking out insurance. The bank awards favorable terms, so that a high loan amount can be paid in small monthly installments. The interest rates are very low and the term can be up to 20 years.

Often the bank uses the term “civil servant loan” and ” civil servant loan” for one and the same financing. These two are very different from each other.
The official loan is repaid during the term with contributions from an insurance company. In the civil service loan to a pension or life insurance is completed. It is spoken by a term loan. The reason is that at the end of the term, the total debt will be paid in such a way and not in monthly installments.

Should a surplus of contributions accumulate during the term, the borrower will receive it. The biggest advantage of this capital procurement is the hedging, if the borrower should die during the term.

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Credit for self-employed persons without Credit bureau.

It is much more difficult for self-employed people to get a loan than other bank customers. They are often assumed to have an inadequate credit rating without checking their creditworthiness in detail. If a negative entry is then added to Credit bureau, the prospects for a loan for the self-employed from a credit institution deteriorate further. But there are other ways in which those affected can still get a credit for self-employed persons without Credit bureau in this situation.

A loan against collateral

A loan against collateral

In the case of loans that are paid out against the deposit of a security, the borrower’s creditworthiness is generally subject to significantly lower requirements. Because if the debtor falls behind with his payments for repayments and interest, the security can be immediately used by the lender to settle his claims.

For this reason, such loans often do not request information from Credit bureau. In principle, all objects that have a certain value are suitable for such a loan for self-employed persons without Credit bureau information. In a pawnshop, for example, jewelry, consumer electronics or valuable collectibles can be deposited for a short-term loan.

Various banks also offer medium and long-term securities loans, in which shares, bonds and other securitized financial assets serve as security for a loan for self-employed persons without information. These securities will be loaned up to a maximum of 80 percent of their current listing.

A private loan

A private loan

If you want to take out a loan for self-employed persons without Credit bureau information but do not have any collateral, you can try to get a loan from a private person. There are now numerous specialized finance portals that mediate private loans between unknown people. This makes them a good alternative to banks, because not only borrowers and lenders benefit from low interest rates, but disadvantaged customer groups also have the chance to get a loan here.

Self-employed persons who would like to get a loan in this way should formulate a corresponding application with great care and publish it on a portal for personal loans. In addition to the desired loan amount and term, statements on the topic of repayment must also be made. Because only if potential lenders are convinced that they can easily get their money back will they be ready to provide a loan for self-employed persons without Credit bureau information.

In addition, when applying for a loan, you should also describe exactly what the money is used for. Especially start-ups or self-employed people who are planning to expand their business operations or hire new employees should explain these projects in detail. Because many private individuals like to support promising projects with which the self-employed can secure their own economic existence in the long term and create jobs.

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Special repayment: Pay off the loan quickly


A special repayment is an unscheduled payment. In this case, unscheduled means that in addition to your monthly installment, you add an additional amount to your loan. This means that the remaining debt is reduced faster and you are free of debt earlier. However, a special repayment is not possible with an installment loan. As a borrower, you are also not legally entitled to a special repayment of your loan.

As a result, not all banks offer repayment in addition to your monthly installment as standard. Rather, it is helpful to ask the banks about special repayment options before taking out the loan. This also tells you what options you have and what conditions you should meet. In general: If additional payments are expected in the future, the option of special repayment is worthwhile.

How much are the costs for a special repayment?

How much are the costs for a special repayment?

Nowadays, you can already get rid of them for free at many banks. As a rule, the bank grants you up to five percent of the loan amount once a year as a special repayment without incurring additional costs. Other banks can also have the special repayment option paid for their loan. There is a reason for that.

The bank does not always provide the money that you borrow from the bank itself. It borrows from the capital market. This in turn creates costs for the bank in the form of interest. Real estate interest is passed on directly to you as a borrower, plus a few tenths of a percent mark-up. If you pay back your loan to the bank earlier than expected, the bank will miss interest, which it has factored into your calculations. The banks want to be compensated for this. The banks request compensation payments in two ways:

  1. If special payments are agreed in the contract, the borrowing rate is usually raised somewhat.
  2. Special repayments that have not been contractually agreed can be paid by the bank in the form of a prepayment penalty.

How does special repayment work?

How does special repayment work?

The amount and amount of the special repayment are usually laid down in the contract. If this is the case, you are bound by the requirements of the contract. This means: You can only transfer the special repayment to the bank on this date. Our tip: Set up a standing order for the annual special repayment or write down the date (s) in the calendar. If you miss one of the agreed appointments, you may have to wait until the next appointment, possibly even until next year, before you can make another additional payment.

Note that this rule only applies if you have agreed free special payments with the bank. You can of course also make a special payment for your loan at any time. Then, however, a prepayment penalty will apply. Amounts paid outside of the agreed deadlines will be remitted by the lender. The same applies to amounts that do not correspond to the agreed amount. So that the bank can also classify your incoming payment in addition to your monthly installments, declare the payments as a special repayment in the “Purpose” field and add the number of your loan account. After each special payment, you can have a new repayment plan issued so that you are always up to date with the remaining term and the remaining debt.

For whom is a special repayment worthwhile?

For whom is a special repayment worthwhile?

Before you include special repayments in your loan contract, a calculation is useful. Take into account how much money is available to you each month, how much you can save and how much money can be expected annually in addition to your monthly income. If you expect regular special income, special repayments are worthwhile. Only if you regularly expect a large amount of money should you consider special repayment options.

For example, money from inheritances or donations can be invested in a special repayment. However, money from holiday and / or Christmas bonuses can also flow into your loan as a special repayment. If such money is not expected, special repayments in the contract are only worthwhile if they are offered by the bank free of charge. If not, you may sign a contract that is only expensive due to the increased borrowing rate. It is rather difficult to include special repayments in a loan afterwards. Therefore, you should take the time in advance to check all options in peace.

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Official loan without private credit checker.

Banks prefer officials more and more. They have a high income, yet often no official loans can be taken without private credit checker in this way.

But even civil servants here and there have a bad private credit checker, so they depend on this loan without private credit checker.

Without private credit checker – disposition credit

Without private credit checker - disposition credit

In order to get a civil servant loan from Cream banks, a disposition credit can be taken. This allows the account to be overdrawn up to a certain amount. Especially for short-term purchases, this option can be useful.

If a purchase is taken in the short term and the income is insufficient, the dispo is used. However, the Dispo has a disadvantage. The very high interest rates are particularly noticeable if the MRP is settled at the beginning of the month. Unlike installment loans, the overdrawn amount is balanced at the beginning of the month with the salary. Basically, the same problem starts from the beginning. The

Money will not be enough the following month and the dispo will be used again. It’s a good deal for banks. With the overdraft interest much money is taken. The customer can also take on a different way a civil service loan without private credit checker.

Consumer credit as an alternative

Consumer credit as an alternative

For large purchases is often spoken of a loan. This is due to the long term, which does not have a installment loan. Who makes a big purchase, for example, a new kitchen, which can also use a consumer credit.

This is recorded directly at the dealer. The private credit checker is not checked. The customer must arrange a installment payment. The rates are often transferred by the customer to the dealer. For loans, a standing order would be used for the payment.

It is important to pay attention to timely repayment even with this official loan without private credit checker. Who wants to avoid reminders and a bailiff, must comply with the payment. The downside to this consumer credit is that it does not benefit from civil servant status. The customer is treated like any other consumer.

Civil service loan from private

Civil service loan from private

A civil service loan without private credit checker can be taken up by private individuals. On the internet, intermediaries offer a loan. Often the private credit checker is tested. But that does not mean that the loan is granted with private credit checker.

The broker checks whether it is better to take out a loan without private credit checker. He will then contact private investors. The loan amount and the term are agreed. The private credit checker will not be in the foreground. Since an official is not terminable, a repayment can be guaranteed.

The customer must state from the beginning that he is an official. Thus, he will receive much cheaper interest rates than an employee. Another possibility would be a loan from abroad.

Application to a foreign bank

Application to a foreign bank

At the Best Bank from Lidemer no official loan is granted without private credit checker. Rather, it is a loan. A loan differs in this case by the loan amount of a loan.

A civil servant loan provides for a high loan amount and a long term. That’s not the case with the loan. In Lidemer, officials are allowed to take out a small loan. This loan can be taken up to a value of 7500 USD. Since the income of an official is very high, the basic requirement of the high salary will be fulfilled.

If you decide for the 7500 USD, you must have an income of 1800 USD net. Most civil servants can do that, so they can take on the Civil Service loan without private credit checker.

Compare loans on the internet

Compare loans on the internet

Customers who opted for a civil servant loan without private credit checker should always compare. Even if civil servants will get very good interest anyway, it’s worth it. A credit comparison does not just consist of the interest rates being compared.

Especially in this comparison shows who offers officials at all a good conditions. There are also banks that only grant loans to civil servants. Often the interest is independent of credit. The status of the job alone is enough to get a good interest rate.

In addition, many special conditions are possible, the employees are not received. The comparison will be worthwhile. It only takes a little time to look at the offers and then decide.

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Loan with Credit Bureau and surety

With a Credit Bureau query, banks assess the risk of lending, as well as the payment of the loan by installments and the repayment of the loan amount. If a negative Credit Bureau entry turns out as part of this credit check, there are two options that can be submitted to a loan seeker.

On the one hand, it will be a loan that is charged with higher interest rates, on the other hand, a loan application can also be rejected. In many cases, the applicant only has the option of drawing on an expensive international loan or taking out a private loan from a circle of friends or relatives. With a foreign loan, a loan seeker should know, the loan amount is limited to 3,500 dollars. If more money is needed, a loan with Credit Bureau and guarantor remains.

Loan with Credit Bureau and guarantor – the options

Loan with Credit Bureau and guarantor - the options

The option of naming a guarantor can make the credit situation look different. Despite a negative Credit Bureau information, a loan can be granted because the bank has the guarantor as security. However, a guarantor has special properties. First and foremost, he must be creditworthy, ie he must have a regular and sufficient income, an open-ended employment contract in an employment relationship is also necessary.

The guarantor must also be made aware of the importance of a guarantee. Many guarantors think that signing a loan agreement is a courtesy. However, this is not the case, because a guarantor is liable for all possible defaults on the part of the borrower with his entire assets. In addition, his own creditworthiness can be put off by the guarantee, which can lead to difficulties with a loan that he himself needs.

A guarantee is a contingent obligation that is not disregarded when reviewing one’s own economic situation. If the guarantor makes a loan request, the amount of the rate that comes from the guarantee can be included in the guarantor’s household account. This can lead to the fact that the freely available income according to the household bill is no longer sufficient for a loan, so that the citizen has to name a guarantor himself.

Effects of a guarantee on a loan with Credit Bureau and guarantor

Effects of a guarantee on a loan with Credit Bureau and guarantor

A loan with Credit Bureau and guarantor should therefore only be taken out with a guarantor if the guarantor can easily cope with the payment default. The joint and several guarantee, which is common practice today, also poses problems. In this way, a guarantor is immediately used to pay installments from non-payment. It should therefore be clear to every guarantor what a guarantee, which he may only consider as a mere favor, can bring about.

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Can I Get Credit When I Borrowed Banks?

The reason for this is the increasing inflation rates day by day, the dollar rising and making all the activities extra expensive (visible increase in food and beverage products), house and car prices; Examples such as the direct increase of the dollar with the increase.

In addition, due to the high prices of technological products and the desire to have these products, the increase and increase in the amount of debt to banks is normally met.

It is seen as impossible to get credit while borrowing from banks

It is seen as impossible to get credit while borrowing from banks

Banks go to the configuration for their users who do not pay their credit card debt and perform the installment process and ensure that these customers are a sort of signification, that is, they fall under the category of non-credit people

Implementing a method in this way is also systematized by calling it “credit rating” for banks. Users not only pay a certain fee to learn their credit ratings but also make the score lower because they do this inquiry. Therefore, the credit rating gradually decreases and it becomes more difficult to get credit.

It is easier to withdraw credit if the debt to banks is limited to a two-month credit card minimum wage payment delay. Because banks can ignore this situation for a limited amount of time. This indicates ignoring by issuing smaller amounts of credit. If the credit card debt to banks is at least 5-6 months and more, the process of initiating the necessary solution processes by the banks is started.

In this process, first of all, the user is called by phone and the necessary information is tried to be obtained from the user about the payment process. Within the user’s time, the bank adjusts the release period and waits for the process to be completed.

When the process is completed

If the debt is still not paid, the credit point starts to decrease to minus. This is the only situation where banks do not compromise and do not hesitate to share this information with other banks. Considering the debt payment status of the individuals, a customer profile is created and this profile can be shared with all banks when deemed necessary.

Credit ratings of people who are able to learn from various platforms cause the score to decrease during the interrogation, as well as prolonging the loan withdrawal process. In this process, users who are on the platform known as “non-credit persons”, which is called as a “black list” for a minimum period of 5 years when the structuring and consequently the installment process started with the banks and the credit card or withdrawn credit debt is not paid.

They cannot do anything other than close their debts. On the contrary, people whose credit ratings have declined will further reduce their credit card application or withdrawal application ratings, causing their chances to disappear completely.

What can the blacklisted bank users do to upgrade?


Paying the installments of the debts regularly every month, No credit card or credit applications during the blacklist process, After their debts are fully closed, they should not attempt to make any financial transactions for a certain period of time. Thanks to these suggestions, the 5-year process may decrease further for most people, which may help them get credit again soon.

However, following the suggestions, but still having negative results in the process of withdrawal, are among the possibilities if the amount of debt that is closed or paid is much more loaded and the debt payments continue irregularly.

The possibilities of obtaining credit while borrowing banks are generally related to the customer profile created by the bank for the person. It is also among the cases that some banks give loans to people with regular income without paying debt or taking into account the negative problems with other banks. Therefore, the process of withdrawing or applying for a credit card is closely related to how good the customer profile and credit score is.

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